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The Brown boys learned the craft of carpentry early on from their father and built upon that knowledge working in the flooring industry ever since. When Jim Brown decided to venture out and build his own business in 1988, three of his four brother's joined the endeavour and Brown's Interiors Inc. was born. 

Today, you will still find Randy Brown working in our showroom, Rick Brown installing projects with pride, and from time to time Jim Brown will leave warmer Arizona weather behind and come back to visit us in Burien. Dave Brown worked for the family business until the day he passed and is greatly missed. Jim's daughter Jessica has recently joined behind the scenes in marketing, keeping the Brown legacy going. 

Long-time friend, employee, and honorary brother, Josh Pegg is now the Chief of Operations and has been with the company since 2000. The sales team comprised of Randy Brown, Micky, Pat Iverson, and RJ, have all been with us for over 10 years, some since we opened, and dedication like that we call family. 
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Home Interior


When Jim Brown opened Brown's Interiors back in 1988, he knew that good business starts and ends with being good to you, our customer. Commitment to our customer has been our guiding force for over 30 years, and since many of us have been with the company for decades and some share its namesake, we would say that ethos runs deep.

Our approach is friendly and relaxed, something we pride ourselves on deeply. You can often find us joking and catching up with return clients like friends and can expect that we will welcome you in the same easy going manner. Though we don't take ourselves too seriously, we do take the job and your needs seriously.

We understand the frustrations that can arise during the building or remodeling process, and value our role as your guide and advocate. Through product knowledge, one on one guidance, and up-front price transparency we aim to lift your burdens and take any guesswork out of your flooring, window covering, and countertop projects and help keep you focused on the end goal - your transformed space. 

As fellow humans, we relate to the apprehension about sales-people being... well salesy, and we view ourselves more as people-people. You will always be greeted and offered a helping hand, but we know how to take a hint and let those who prefer to peruse independently, do so without the pressure of a salesperson hovering. We are also always happy to walk someone through our catalog of samples and help for as long as needed
. Additionally, since we align with all reputable manufacturers equally, you can trust that the products we suggest are ones we have matched specifically to you. No matter your style, we like to meet you where you are at and are here for any part of the process. 

Letting people into your home and putting the transformation of your space into someone else's hands takes trust, a fact that we do not take lightly. Building trust is how we have come so far since 1988. All of our salesmen have been here since the early days, so you can trust they will see the project through to the finish and that you will have their direct contact should anything arise. Our installers have been successfully installing flooring, countertops, and window coverings to happy clients for years. Timeliness, professionalism, and respect towards you, your home, and your belongings is expected and delivered upon by everyone on our team.  




Why a Small Business Makes All the Difference

Young Businesswomen

Personal Service & Customized Projects

Being a family fun business with a capable team means you get 1 on 1 assistance and personalized service. Much of our team have been with us from the start and we trust them to make the right call. Trusting our team means you receive a customized approach and no bureaucratic approval process so you can have a quicker timeline. 

Successful Girl

Your Success is
Our Success

Our ethos is all about a happy relationship with you and how we can best serve you and meet the needs of your project, whatever that may be. We depend on each and every customer. You are the heart of our business, which means we are just as invested in your project as you are.

Fists in Solidarity

Trusted & Reliable

Having relationships with all reputable manufacturers in the industry means we are not aligned with a specific company or product. We get to know you, your style, and design preference and our priority is on finding the right product for you and your space.

Communicating Through Signs

Direct Communication & People Working With People

Call, email, or pop into our Burien showroom, no matter the medium it's all the same wonderful people here to help you. Beyond your first inquiry there is no generic form or call centers if you have questions, you will always be able to reach a real person directly.


We Love Our Craft!

Passion, purpose, and people are the driving forces of our business. Creativity and love of the craft leads to happy results for you, and sense of pride and accomplishment for us. Let's start co-creating your dream space!


BURIEN, WA 98166



Holly, Google Review

“MICKEY IS AWESOME!! Thank you so much for being so gracious and generous! My staff and I were in need of carpeting swatches for our preschool, and Mickey at Brown's was the most helpful, kind, and generous man I have met with, according to our needs! Highly recommended! Love you, dude. You rock!"
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